Blue Nile – Pros and cons for shopping Bluenile jewelry online

Published: 30th March 2011
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Founded in 1999, Bluenile is one of the most prominent jewelry retailers online. Blue Nile is one of the biggest premier online sites for loose diamonds, diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry. However, bigger is not always better. Here are a few pros and cons of shopping Blue Nile online:

•Known for their quality loose diamonds and precious gemstone studded jewelry pieces, Bluenile is valued for its high standards when it comes to their products. A customer looking for a quality loose diamond or high end jewelry pieces would do well to shop Blue Nile.

•Bluenile do not carry their own loose diamonds. The loose diamonds listed on the Blue Nile site reside in vaults all around the world belonging to different diamond mining and producing companies. Since Bluenile gets its diamonds from a supplier, the retailer is forced to pay extra for diamonds which were not directly produced for the company. Consequently, customers shopping for loose diamonds on the Blue Nile site would be charged more for their purchases.

•Blue Nile is famous for its classic, traditional diamond and precious gemstone jewelry designs. Customers who are interested in tasteful, elegant, classic jewelry designs favor Blue Nile’s design aesthetic.

•Blue Nile’s available selection of loose diamonds and diamond and precious gemstone jewelry is unmatched. Their immense selection of products affords customers a large and diversified array of loose diamonds and jewelry designs and styles from which to choose.

•Blue Nile review sites are filled with positive customer feedback, customer reviews and store reviews. Blue Nile Reviews reflect the high quality of this store’s customer service, products and their on-time delivery.

•Many jewelry shoppers are hesitant to buy loose diamonds or high end diamond jewelry online. Unfortunately, Bluenile does not offer a 3D tool or virtual magnifying loupe option which would enable its customers to closely inspect a given loose diamond or piece of jewelry for themselves, something which could potentially reassure hesitant customers.

•Blue Nile’s award winning customer service and excellent jewelry store reviews are appealing to any customer. For less than experienced jewelry shoppers shopping online for loose diamonds or diamond jewelry can get a little daunting. As such, a diamond and jewelry retailer would do well to have a strong customer support team to answer any and all questions a customer may have regarding diamond and diamond jewelry related matters.

•Blue Nile guarantees their products and has great refund policies and exchange policies in place for their valued customers. The customer can feel sure about his purchase with Bluenile, knowing full well that if the product is dissatisfying in any way he or she will be able to exchange the product or get a compete refund on their purchase.

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